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Training of Trainers (ToT) & Training of Farmers (ToF)

About the Program

According to 2021 data (source: Geostat), unemployment reached 20.1 % in Georgia. As for Imereti region, unemployment has reached 23.1 %, and 23.5 % of the workforce is considered to be self-employed, mainly in horticulture and greenhouse production.

Agriculture in Georgia, especially in the Imereti region, needs professionals with specialized education, as existing education system does not meet current requirements as confirmed with UNIDO 2021 survey conducted in one of the 11 municipalities of Imereti region, Tskaltubo, with up to 5,000 greenhouse farmers and more than 77ha of greenhouse production facilities available, that produce up to 70% of herbs in Georgia.

With the implementation of the Trainer of Trainers Program (ToT), Georgian Technical University, College Iberia, Cartlis AgroSystems, and Noblex will receive 21 well-qualified trainers. This initiative, implemented by the Company named Hollanddoor, will enable these institutions to provide relevant and adequate training for farmers in Georgia.

As a direct result of the Trainer of Farmers (ToF) program conducted by Georgian Technical University, College Iberia and Cartlis AgroSystems, up to 1140 local farmers will be trained (by the retrained trainers during the ToT) during the grant lifespan and up to 11140 farmers will be trained in 10 years after the grant lifespan;

During the ToF program, additionally up to 400 farmers will participate in the series of seminars conducted by retrained trainers of LTD Noblex;

Implementation of the ToT and the ToF programs will result in increase of agricultural productivity by at least 50% per sqm. and will lengthen the production window (will enable off-season production) by at least one month for the trained farmers; 

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