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About Us

NNLE ITDC was established in Autumn 2023, with the aim to introduce and promote sustainable modern technologies and practices, educational and vocational training opportunities in agriculture and tourism development in Georgia. As a nonprofit & noncommercial legal entity, NNLE ITDC is planned to be founded by local and international public institutions, private companies and individuals as a membership-based organization, that could support establishment of different educational and vocational training programs in the fields of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural and tourism sector developments in Georgia and even beyond, through out the region. With the active support of its member companies and institutions, NNLE ITDC intends to develop:


➢ IT Infrastructure and Platform for its three (3) different, Class A, B and C members;

➢ Modelling, vocational training, production and hospitality business related facilities etc.;

➢ on ground educational and demonstration infrastructure in Imereti, Georgia.

Vision Statement

dynamic IT platform and available on-ground educational infrastructure, that fosters sustainable development, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement across diverse sectors. Through cutting-edge training, experiential learning, and innovative demonstrations, ITDC aims to empower individuals, businesses, and communities with the expertise and tools needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving global landscape.

Logo of ITDC

Mission Statement

ITDC's mission is to empower local population with innovative industrial techniques, provide access to modern technologies and suppliers, foster innovation, and create a hub for educational, practical training and demonstration opportunities of advanced, environmentally friendly and internationally acquired business methods.

Logo of ITDC

Organizational & Legal Structure

Organizational & Legal Structure of NNLE ITDC

ITDC Founding Board is represented by ITDC Founding member companies, institutions and/or individuals and is considered to call for the 1st ITDC General Meeting

ITDC General Meeting is represented by ITDC Class A, B and C members, with voting rights defined only for ITDC Class A members

ITDC Executive Board is comprised of elected by ITDC Class A members five (5) experts, stakeholders, and representatives from member organizations to provide guidance, expertise & oversight to ITDC management.

ITDC Executive Director is responsible for overall day to day bases management, strategic planning, and ITDC successful operations.

ITDC Academic Board shall be represented by Experts in educational and vocational training programs in various industry domains, like: horticulture, tourism, hospitality, SME development etc. (three (3) members will be selected by ITDC Exec. Board to be finally approved at ITDC General Meeting. One (1) Academic Board member will additionally be appointed by the Executive Board.

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