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“Kharagauli Cultural Mapping” Project

Unveiling Cultural Treasures

The "Kharagauli Cultural Mapping" Project is a pivotal initiative aimed at uncovering and safeguarding the diverse cultural assets within Kharagauli town, Chkheri, and Marelisi villages. By identifying, documenting, and preserving these cultural treasures, the project contributes significantly to heritage conservation and community development.


Preserving Heritage, Promoting Tourism

Cultural mapping plays a vital role in preserving the rich history and traditions of a community. It serves as a guide for heritage conservation and becomes a catalyst for tourism promotion. The project not only showcases the uniqueness of the region but also fosters community pride by highlighting the significance of cultural landmarks.


Building Identity and Appreciation

Through detailed documentation, the cultural mapping project creates a comprehensive understanding of local traditions, landmarks, and historical sites. This not only strengthens the sense of identity among residents but also fosters an appreciation for the cultural richness that defines Kharagauli and its surrounding areas.


Strategic Planning for Cultural Initiatives

The insights gained from cultural mapping are instrumental in strategic planning for cultural initiatives. This knowledge helps local authorities and communities make informed decisions about the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant cultural ecosystem.


Boosting Economic and Social Benefits

Beyond cultural preservation, the Kharagauli Cultural Mapping project contributes to the economic and social well-being of the community. By attracting cultural tourism, the region stands to gain economically, creating opportunities for local businesses and fostering community development.


Enhancing Tourism Infrastructure

The project not only delves into cultural aspects but also enhances tourism infrastructure. Accurate mapping serves as navigational tool, highlighting points of interest and ensuring a positive experience for visitors. This, in turn, supports the overall growth of the tourism sector in the Kharagauli municipality and the broader Imereti region.

Join us in this journey of exploration and preservation. The "Kharagauli Cultural Mapping" Project is not just a map; it's a celebration of heritage, a guide to discovery, and a commitment to the sustainable development of this culturally rich region.

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