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NNLE ITDC on-ground Infrustructure

Shared Vision for Sustainable Agriculture
NNLE ITDC, comprising various class members, shares a common vision of establishing a modern and sustainable greenhouse cluster in the Imereti region. Recognizing that agricultural success requires more than just technological advancements, our partnership emphasizes community empowerment and education as essential components of sustainable development.

Empowering Through Education & Vocational Training
Central to our collaboration is the integration of education and vocational training within the agricultural production chain. By equipping local communities with the necessary skills and knowledge, NNLE ITDC and its members empower individuals to thrive in the modern agricultural landscape. Through educational initiatives, we aim to foster self-reliance and promote economic growth in the region.


Strategic Investment Initiative

As part of our collaborative efforts, NNLE ITDC and its member companies and institutions are proud to support the key investment initiative:

Development of On-Ground Educational & Vocational Training Infrastructure:

  • Estimated investment: Up to $2.5 million USD.

  • 0,5 ha Glass, Venlo Type Greenhouse, up to 8m in height construction for educational, vocational trainings & demonstration center.

  • NNLE ITDC in cooperation with its Class A member company JSC GHA has joint efforts to develop a World Horti Center prototype educational, demonstrational and vocational training center in Georgia to promote best modern agricultural practices in Caucasus and even beyond.


Join NNLE ITDC and its Members in shaping the future of modern agriculture in Caucasus.  

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