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Become a Member

In order to be considered for ITDC membership in either Class A, Class B, or Class C, prospective members must complete the ITDC Membership Declaration, which is a customizable application form. This declaration encompasses the principles of Annual Membership Fees and In-kind Contributions, each of which is defined as follows:

  • For Class A membership, applicants are required to provide either 4,500.00 GEL or an In-kind Contribution*. The terms and conditions of the contribution will be discussed individually.

  • Class B membership does not involve any mandatory fees.

  • Class C membership, on the other hand, requires either 2,500.00 GEL or an In-kind Contribution.

It's important to note that the monetary value of in-kind contributions will be determined by an internationally recognized independent auditor, and the member making the contribution must provide the audit report.

For more detailed information, please download the provided presentation. 

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